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  1. Very well said Ahmed- the context is indeed complex, with overlapping loyalties, ethnicities, nationalities and geopolitical influences. Just Reducing the story to a simple narrative about Pakistani victims does not do justice to the broader arc of what is happening in Bahrain and North Africa. I’m sad that Pakistanis have to find employment with the brutalising government of Bahrain, or those innocently caught in the violence. But equally, I have great sympathy for those on the receiving end of those boots bullets and batons too… by Imran Ali on Mar 20, 2011 at 1:01 am

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  4. Sorry mate, wealth alone doesn’t provide the foundation for a just society. It’s irrelevant that Bahraini have wealth – they wish to exercise choice and oversight over their current rulers. If you don’t like your government, how do you change and influence their behaviour – either though protest, the courts or the ballot box. When you have none of those choices, frustrations are likely to bubble over into violence. They Shia/Sunni question is irrelevant… it is simply about the powerful coercing the powerless. I would hope to see a representative, broad-based government replace autocratic monarchy. And incidentally, those Pakistanis and others choose to go and fight for a foreign regime, need to accept the consequences and responsibilities of doing so. by Imran Ali on Mar 20, 2011 at 12:56 am